We want to change how you connect with the World.

Breaking boundaries through sport.

Our Endgame

We’ve got our sights set on a world made better through sport.

The path we’re taking uses sport as a common currency that inspires both travellers and locals to uncover and celebrate a world without boundaries.

SportsHosts grew out of a passion for the true essence of travelling and belief in the spirit of sports.

We celebrate diversity and differences, we have NO TIME for bigotry and racism.



Sports, in some ways, represents the closest we get, as a global society, to transcending boundaries.

It inspires individuals, teams, nations and humanity to believe in themselves.

At its core,
sports uplifts us all.

Over time, we’ve realised that we can live outside the age-old boundaries that generation before us faced.

We can choose how we want to live.

As self-proclaimed globe-trotters, we break through plenty of boundaries.

It feels like there’s one that always holds us back:

Meeting locals

Connecting with locals means learning about things from a new perspective.

It’s also about putting yourself out there.

The sweetest part of life happens when you throw yourself into unexpected opportunities.

Put it all together and you get…
We use sports to transcend the artificial boundaries that divide us, on the path to truly being able to live as a global citizens.
 Side note: you get to taste beers from all over the globe…


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the more places we have to explore!