A Global Community, United by Sports

What is SportsHosts? 

SportsHosts is an App that connects sports fans online and in real life. It is your space to share your teams, your sports with other fans.

Together we have Power 

To reinvent the fandom beyond what you ever thought possible. Giving fans something to shout about!

Shout for a United World 

Do you cheer when athletes stand against racism, sexism, and inequality? We do, and as a team, we believe athletes and fans can make a greater impact, as we shout to the world that we are united!

Shout at the Game

We can change the way we experience the world together.

Seeing games with other fans, at home or away, anywhere in the world, whenever there is a game.

We connected fans at games PRE-COVID, and we will do so again in 2022.


Shout Every Day about Sports

As sports fans, we cannot go a day without sports. SportsHosts has you covered as you can share sports online, all day, every day, with fans from across the world.


Shout because we are VIP's

With our pre-COVID team partners, SportsHost fans received VIP treatment at exclusive parties, going on the field, meeting players, and specially branded merchandise.

While connecting people at live games won't be back until 2022, when we return, we want to leverage our collective power to bring these experiences to more fans from more teams.

We will also leverage teams and brands to deliver exclusive online events, like behind the scenes and merchandise for our online community.

All we need to do this is; You.

It is our collective power that makes this happen. 

Our promise to you, if you join, we will bat for you, we will create a community that will redefine fandom, no haters, and be 100% inclusive.

One Team 

Athletes and fans united for a better world.

Exciting social lives online and in real life, sharing sports

Using our collective power to deliver better fan experiences 

We uplift each other, no haters.

We stand Together, United by Sport! 

Keep Up With SportsHosts On The Go
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