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About Us 

SportsHosts' mission is to create the World's first global fan network, connecting fans both online and offline, to share amazing experiences with new people. 

Before this global health pandemic struck, that meant connecting people from all over the world to see games together, attend parties and host competitions flying fans around the world, and we will do that again, once sports returns.

Why You Should Join Us

The SportsHosts app provides exclusive daily fan content, allows fans to build online communities for their teams, connect with other fans directly from around the world, share your fan stories, photos, videos etc... and become part of a global revolution that puts fans first.

We are the fan Revolution

In a world where sports have become far too corporatized, we are putting the power back in the hands of fans. Without you, the fan, there are no multi-million dollar deals, there's no atmosphere and there's no reason for being. Throughout 2020, we will be announcing some revolutionary initiatives that will allow you to have true ownership in this company.

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